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Spring in French Quiz for Kids

Spring in French Quiz for Kids

Do this quiz after working with the following resource to learn useful French weather vocabulary related to spring and talk about what happens in spring:

Spring in French

#1. I like spring.

#2. J'adore les perce-neige.

#3. Les jonquilles (announce) ______ le printemps.

#4. Sometimes it is foggy.

#5. Often it rains.

#6. Les plantes (begin) _____ à pousser.

#7. I am going to plant some sunflowers.

#8. Les oiseaux (sing) _____ très fort.

#9. It can still snow.

#10. Les moutons jouent dans les champs.



Très bien!

Have another go after practice with the following A Green Mouse resource:

Spring in French