Du, de la, des + de – French Quiz Test

Du, de la, des + de – French Quiz

This online quiz is for practice after working with the video and learning about partitive articles and how to use ‘de’ with specific quantities or with the negative in the following resource:
Du, de la, des + de

#1. This market has cider and honey.

#2. I buy some cheese at the market.

#3. I would like 200g of Pont l'Evêque please.

#4. I buy some cold meats.

#5. I buy some ham and some sausages.

#6. There are some mushrooms! One kilo of champignons please.

#7. I would like some leeks and some potatoes.

#8. I would like 1kg of leeks and 2kg of potatoes please.

#9. I buy some fruit at the market.

#10. I buy one kilo of apples.



Très bien!


Have another go.

Do this practice first:

Du, de la, des De

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