1st Person of Avoir Quiz – J’ai

Beginner French Verb Quiz: J’ai (I have)

Do this online quiz for revision and practice after listening and joining in with the video and learning the vocabulary in this resource:
Avoir Practice – J’ai


Excellent score! Félicitations!
Have another go after practice with this resource: Avoir Practice - J'ai

#1. I have. I have a present.

#2. What do you have? I have a toy.

#3. What do you have? I have some boots.

#4. I am seven. I have a cake!

#5. Quel âge as-tu? I am ten.

#6. How old are you? I am sixteen.

#7. What's wrong with you? I have a headache.

#8. I am cold.

#9. I am thirsty.

#10. I have a headache because I am hungry.


un gâteau - a cake in French

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