Avoir Practice: J’ai

Avoir Practice – J’ai

Introduction to the verb Avoir (to have) – J’ai  (I have)
1st person in context to learn what the verb Avoir is used for.
Video clip, online quiz + worksheet:
comes from:  Je + ai 
J’ai  =    I have 
J’ai un chien
=  I have a dog

Try to picture the idea of having hunger or having years that belong to you …
Why? Because instead of saying ‘I am hungry’ or ‘I am 9’,  French people say,  ‘I have hunger‘ and ‘I have 9 years‘:
J’ai faim            =  I am hungry
J’ai neuf ans   =  I am nine

Watch the video clip below.  Listen and join in.  Learn the vocabulary.

Avoir Practice – J’ai – Video

Downloadable Translation Practice PDF Worksheet

Video Transcript in French and English:
J’ai  –  I have
Qu’est-ce que tu as?
What have you got?
J’ai des bottes(f).
I have some boots.
J’ai un chien.
I have a dog.
J’ai un cochon d’Inde.
I have a guinea pig.
J’ai un cadeau.
I have a present.
J’ai des devoirs(m).
I have some homework.
J’ai une gomme.
I have a rubber.

Et toi?  Qu’est-ce que tu as?
And you?  What have you got?
J’ai un gâteau.
I have a cake.
Et toi?  Qu’est-ce que tu as?
And you?  What have you got?
J’ai un sourire!
I have a smile!
J’ai une maman!
I have a mum!
Et toi?  Qu’est-ce que tu as?
And you?  What have you got?
J’ai un jouet.
I have a toy.

J’ai mal à la tête! 
I have a headache
Et toi?  Qu’est-ce que tu as?
And you?  What’s wrong? (What have you got?)
J’ai mal au doigt!
I have a sore finger!

J’ai faim!             I am hungry
J’ai soif!               I am thirsty
J’ai froid!             I am cold
J’ai chaud!          I am hot
J’ai sommeil!     I am sleepy

J’ai dix ans.        I am ten
J’ai deux ans.    I am two
J’ai cinq ans.      I am five
J’ai sept ans.     I am seven
J’ai neuf ans.     I am nine
J’ai seize ans      I am sixteen

J’ai – Online Quiz Practice


Excellent score! Félicitations!
Have another go after practice with this resource: Avoir Practice - J'ai

#1. I have. I have a present.

#2. What do you have? I have a toy.

#3. What do you have? I have some boots.

#4. I am seven. I have a cake!

#5. Quel âge as-tu? I am ten.

#6. How old are you? I am sixteen.

#7. What's wrong with you? I have a headache.

#8. I am cold.

#9. I am thirsty.

#10. I have a headache because I am hungry.


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