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Online French Past Tense Story Quiz – A New Puppy

French Story Quiz – Imperfect + Perfect Tense

A New Puppy:

Do the quiz after reading the grammar + practice with the story + video in this A Green Mouse resource:

French Story + Video (Imperfect + Perfect Tenses –
A New Puppy

Look carefully at each choice of answer and consider how, when and why the perfect tense is used instead of the imperfect tense:

#1. Maggie was born on 27th July.

#2. Her mother had nine puppies!

#3. I saw a photo of Maggie when she was eight days old.

#4. I met Maggie when she was four weeks old.

#5. She arrived at our house when she was 7 weeks old.

#6. Poor Maggie! It was too soon!

#7. She needed lots of cuddles.

#8. She was frightened of the garden.

#9. She liked to play in the washing.

#10. She grew up very fast.



Très bien!

Have another go after practice with the following A Green Mouse resource:

A New Puppy in French –
Imperfect Perfect Tenses