A New Puppy – Imperfect + Perfect Tense French Practice

French Story – A New Puppy

Imperfect v Perfect Tense Practice

Verb Practice in a Story, Video + Transcript.
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The Imperfect Tense
 is for what the puppy was like, was doing, was feeling.  E.g:
Elle avait peur.
= she was frightened.

Elle était adorable.
=  She was adorable.

The Perfect Tense (passé composé)  is for precise things that happened and finished during the time the dog was still a puppy.
J’ai pris une photo quand elle avait quatre semaines.
=  I took a photograph when she was four weeks old.

Meet a new puppy from birth, hear about it growing up, and consider a few precise things that happened during that time.


Video Transcript

J’ai pris cette photo de Maggie le jour de son arrivée.
Elle avait sept semaines.
Regardez ses pattes!
Elle allait pousser beaucoup!
Elle était timide.
Elle avait peur du jardin.
Elle avait besoin de beaucoup de câlins.
Elle aimait jouer dans le linge.
Elle était adorable!
Elle a grandi très vite!
Voici une photo de Maggie quand elle avait huit jours!
Sa maman a eu neuf chiots.
Maggie était la plus petite!
Son père était très beau!
Nous avons fait la connaissance de Maggie quand elle avait  quatre semaines.
Qu’est-ce qu’elle était mignonne!


Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. Maggie was born on 27th July.

#2. Her mother had nine puppies!

#3. I saw a photo of Maggie when she was eight days old.

#4. I met Maggie when she was four weeks old.

#5. She arrived at our house when she was 7 weeks old.

#6. Poor Maggie! It was too soon!

#7. She needed lots of cuddles.

#8. She was frightened of the garden.

#9. She liked to play in the washing.

#10. She grew up very fast.



Très bien!

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A New Puppy in French –
Imperfect Perfect Tenses

Imperfect Tense of Être

tu étais
il/elle était
nous étions
vous étiez
ils/elles étaient

Imperfect Tense of Avoir

tu avais
il/elle avait
nous avions
vous aviez
ils/elles avaient

Imperfect Tense of Aller

tu allais
il/elle allait
nous allions
vous alliez
ils/elles allaient

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