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Pencil Case in French Quiz

French Pencil Case Items Quiz

Do this beginner French quiz after learning the vocabulary + gender of pencil case items via the following A Green Mouse French practice:
My Pencil Case in French

#1. (My) _______ trousse.

#2. (A) _____ stylo

#3. (A) ______ gomme

#4. J'ai (a pencil) ____________________ .

#5. J'ai (a ruler) ____________________ .

#6. J'ai (a) _______ taille-crayon .

#7. J'ai (some) ______________________ colle.

#8. There are scissors in my pencil case.

#9. There are some cartridges in my pencil case.

#10. (The) ________ crayons de couleur sont dans ma trousse.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Do some practice with this A Green Mouse resource first:

J’ai Pencil Case Items