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My Dog in French Quiz

My Dog in French Quiz

Do this quiz after practice reading this short story for kids about a new puppy and watching the subtitled videos:
A New Puppy in French

#1. She arrives at our house. She is beautiful. ? Beautiful is an adjective. In French it is Belle for a girl, Beau for a boy

#2. Everything is new. She doesn't know anybody.

#3. She is frightened. She is frightened of the garden.

#4. I love my dog. Do you like dogs?

#5. She likes the countryside and the beach. She doesn't like baths.

#6. She grows up very fast. She likes to play with me.

#7. Where is she? She is in the washing.

#8. I like dogs and I like cats.

#9. I don't like dogs.

#10. Do you have a pet?



Très bien!

Have another go!

Do this practice first:

A New Puppy in French