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Sport v Music French Quiz

Sport v Music French Quiz

Jouer au versus Jouer du
Do this quiz test after practice with the following resource:
Hobbies in French – Sport v Music

#1. J'adore écouter (music) _____ .

#2. (I do) ____ sport tous les weekends.

#3. (I play) ____ football tous les jours.

#4. (I play) ____ clarinette.

#5. (He loves to play) ____ rugby.

#6. (I play) ____ piano.

#7. My sister wants to play ____ hockey.

#8. (My father plays) _____ guitare.

#9. (My brother doesn't do any) ____ sport.

#10. (My mother doesn't play any) ___ instrument.



Très bien!

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