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Verb Être Quiz

The Verb Être + Gender Quiz

Revision of the Verb Être in the present tense in short sentences using definite and indefinite articles and an adjective which needs to agree!
Do this quiz after studying the present tense of the verb Être + gender in this practice:
The Verb Être + Gender

#1. I am

#2. I am Billy. I am a handsome dog.

#3. I am Molly. I am a girl. I am pretty.

#4. You are (singular) + You are (plural)

#5. You are a mum. You are beautiful.

#6. You are Billy and Molly's mum.

#7. She is

#8. Molly is Maggie's daughter. She is Billy's sister.

#9. Billy is a boy. He is Maggie's son.

#10. We are

#11. We are handsome.

#12. I say to Maggie and Molly, "You are beautiful!"

#13. They are

#14. Maggie and Molly are beautiful.

#15. Maggie and Billy are beautiful.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Try this practice first:
Être Gender in French