Online French Quiz – Daily Routine + Time

Daily Routine in French Quiz

Do this revision quiz after learning how to tell the time and learning daily routine verbs in this resource:
Daily Routine in French


Great job!  You can tell the time and talk about your day in French!
Have another go! Read and join in with the video in this practice: Daily Routine in French 

#1. Hour = Heure - Is this French noun masculine, feminine or neither?

#2. What time is it? It is six o'clock.

#3. I get up at 6am. I wash at 6.15am.

#4. I get dressed at 6.30am.

#5. At 6.45am I eat.

#6. What do you do at seven o'clock?

#7. I put on my shoes and I get my rucksack.

#8. What do you do at noon?

#9. What time do you go home?

#10. I go home at 3.45pm.


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