Online French Quiz – Daily Routine + Time

Daily Routine in French Quiz

Do this revision quiz after learning how to tell the time and learning daily routine verbs in this resource:
Daily Routine in French

#1. Hour = Heure - Is this French noun masculine, feminine or neither?

#2. What time is it? It is six o'clock.

#3. I get up at 6am. I wash at 6.15am.

#4. I get dressed at 6.30am.

#5. At 6.45am I eat.

#6. What do you do at seven o'clock?

#7. I put on my shoes and I get my rucksack.

#8. What do you do at noon?

#9. What time do you go home?

#10. I go home at 3.45pm.



Très bien!


Have another go

Do this practice first:

Daily Routine in French 

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