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Fire on Holiday in French Quiz

French Quiz about a Fire on Holiday

Do this revision quiz about a fire on a hot summer’s day and the importance of protecting the environment  after studying the verbs and vocabulary in this French story resource about a fire on holiday:
Fire in the Mountains!

#1. We often go to the beach.

#2. One day I see smoke.

#3. It is very dangerous because of the heat.

#4. The ground is dry. The smell of smoke is everywhere.

#5. A plane drops water on the fire.

#6. Thankfully there is no wind, but the situation is urgent.

#7. I hear a huge noise. It is a firefighting helicopter.

#8. Finally the firefighting helicopters succeed in putting out the fire!

#9. Human negligence! One must watch out!

#10. One must protect the forest. Watch out for your rubbish!



Très bien!

Have another go.

Do this practice first:

Fire on Holiday in French