French Story About a Forest Fire

KS3 French Story about a Forest Fire

KS3/4 French Story about holidays and the environment with video and images of the emergency services putting out a forest fire in a hot Mediterranean country during the summer holiday season:
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la plupart du temps    most of the time
tout à coup                     suddenly
à cause de                       because of
au-dessus                       overhead, above
l’un après l’autre         one after the other
quelque part                  somewhere
partout                            everywhere

les feux de forêt          forest fires
l’incendie                        the fire
la foudre                         lightening
la négligence humaine   human negligence
les cigales                           the cicadas
un canadair                        a fire-fighting plane
vos déchets                        your rubbish
un hélicoptère bombardier
a fire-fighting helicopter

Faites attention à vos déchets!
Watch out with your rubbish!


1.  French Audio with French and English subtitles:

2. With French subtitles only:

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Online Quiz

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Online Quiz

#1. We often go to the beach.

#2. One day I see smoke.

#3. It is very dangerous because of the heat.

#4. The ground is dry. The smell of smoke is everywhere.

#5. A plane drops water on the fire.

#6. Thankfully there is no wind, but the situation is urgent.

#7. I hear a huge noise. It is a firefighting helicopter.

#8. Finally the firefighting helicopters succeed in putting out the fire!

#9. Human negligence! One must watch out!

#10. One must protect the forest. Watch out for your rubbish!



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