English to French Translation Practice

KS3 English to French Translation
Fire in the mountains!

Can you translate this short story into French without looking anything up?
(Do not cheat – You’re wasting your time if you do that)
Try working with the French Resource first.   Then put it aside for translation practice:

Fire in the mountains!
This is a true story.
It is summer.  It is hot!
We often go to the beach.
The earth is dry.  What heat!
When it’s hot you can hear crickets.  Listen!

One day I look out of the window and I see smoke!
The smell of smoke is everywhere!
There, can you see?  Oh no, it’s dangerous!
It’s very dangerous because of the heat!
I’m worried, but suddenly I hear an airplane!
The plane passes overhead.
It’s a fire-fighting plane, flying towards the fire!
The plane drops water on the fire and it sets off again!
I see two fire-fighting planes.
One after the other the airplanes bomb the fire, and they set off again.
Suddenly I hear a huge noise!
This time it is a fire-fighting helicopter!
It is transporting a load of water.
The water is in the bucket.
It’s impressive!
The situation is urgent!
Luckily there is no wind, and the bombers succeed in extinguishing the fire.

What causes forest fires?
Sometimes it is lightening, but most of the time it is human negligence.
Watch out for your rubbish!
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Fire in the Mountains:  Incendie à la montagne

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