French Reflexive Verbs Quiz

French Reflexive Verbs Quiz

Do this quiz after practice learning French reflexive verbs by studying this grammar, video clip + Story:
French Reflexive Verb Practice


What a fantastic score! Félicitations!
Have another go! Try this practice first (you will see the puppies in action on the video, as well as do some reflexive verb practice! French Reflexive Verb Practice

#1. The puppies are arriving! I am worried!

#2. I wash. I get dressed. I hurry.

#3. Maggie manages very well. Finally she has four puppies.

#4. Maggie, you look after the puppies very well!

#5. The puppies walk about everywhere! They often escape!

#6. Sometimes I get cross. It's tiring!

#7. We have a lot of fun with the puppies.

#8. They like to hide.

#9. Maggie you need to rest!

#10. When they go to bed, everyone has a rest!


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