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French Reflexive Verbs Quiz

French Reflexive Verbs Quiz

Do this quiz after practice learning French reflexive verbs by studying this grammar, video clip + Story:
French Reflexive Verb Practice

#1. The puppies are arriving! I am worried!

#2. I wash. I get dressed. I hurry.

#3. Maggie manages very well. Finally she has four puppies.

#4. Maggie, you look after the puppies very well!

#5. The puppies walk about everywhere. They often escape!

#6. Sometimes I get cross. It's tiring!

#7. We have a lot of fun with the puppies.

#8. They like to hide.

#9. Maggie you need to rest!

#10. When they go to bed, everyone has a rest!



Très bien!


Have another go.

Do this practice first:

French Reflexive Verb Practice

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French Reflexive Verb Practice in a Story using 18 reflexive verbs with real video footage about a litter of puppies:
Video Clips,  Online Quiz + PDF Worksheet