French Quiz for Kids – My Toy

Online French Quiz for Children –
My Toy

Do the quiz after reading the story about Maggie stealing a toy and practice with the video in this French Resource:
My Toy – It’s My Toy!


Great Job! Would you like to be Maggie or Billy? How about doing a role play of the story? Maggie est coquine!
Watch and join in with the video again: My Toy in French Video Clip Have another go!

#1. C'est le matin.

#2. Au secours!

#3. She has my toy.

#4. It is my toy.

#5. I want my toy.

#6. C'est à moi.

#7. Elle court.

#8. Elle aime cacher le jouet.

#9. Pauvre Billy.

#10. Il ne comprend pas.


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