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Fruit in French Quiz

Fruit in French Quiz

Do this online quiz after learning the vocabulary and gender of fruit in the following A Green Mouse Resource:
Fruit in French

#1. J'aime beaucoup (figs) _____________________.

#2. Some plums

#3. J'adore (apricots) ___________________.

#4. (Lemons) ______________________ sont amers.

#5. A peach

#6. Some white grapes

#7. Tu aimes (apples) ____________________?

#8. Here are some mangoes.

#9. (These strawberries) _______________ ont l'air délicieux.

#10. J'aime (mandarins and bananas) ____________________________.



Très bien!


Have another go.

Learn the vocabulary and do some practice via this A Green Mouse resource first:
Fruit in French