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French Verb Faire Quiz

The Verb Faire Quiz

Do this quiz after practice learning about the verb Faire and working with the video in this resource:  The Verb Faire Video + Worksheet

#1. I make a cake and have a party.

#2. I make an effort at school.

#3. I do some work and I pay attention.

#4. I do silly things when it snows.

#5. What is the weather like today? It is lovely.

#6. I do some swimming when it's hot.

#7. When it's cold I have a snooze by the stove.

#8. It's windy! I am walking by the sea! ? It is also correct to say 'Il y a du vent', but this time the focus is on the verb faire!

#9. Pay attention! I frighten everyone!

#10. I hurt Billy. I hide his toy.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Try this practice first:

Uses of the verb FAIRE