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A, DE, EN – Spanish Preposition Quiz

A, De, En – Spanish Prepositions Quiz

Do the quiz after practice via the video + worksheet in this A Green Mouse resource:

A, DE, EN – Preposition Practice

The multiple choice answers could also be used for translation practice.

#1. I am in bed.

#2. They go to school.

#3. I go to bed at nine o'clock.

#4. This dance is from England.

#5. The butterfly is on the floor.

#6. I am from Central America.

#7. I go on foot.

#8. The puppy is in the box.

#9. I eat a tortilla baguette at two o'clock.

#10. He is from Spain.




Have another go after practice with the this A Green Mouse A, DE, EN Resource:

A, DE, EN Preposition Practice