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Spanish Modal Verbs Quiz

Spanish Modal Verbs Quiz

Practice using Modal Verbs, Querer, Poder and Tener que in a quiz test which links to the following video resource + worksheet about playing football on a playstation:

Spanish Modal Verb Practice

image for querer, poder, tener que

#1. Mi amigo (wants to play) _______ .

#2. (I can play) _________ .

#3. (You can't play) _________ !

#4. Primero (you must do) ______ tus deberes.

#5. (We can win) _______ .

#6. Los jugadores (want to win) _______ .

#7. ¿(Can they score) _____ un gol?

#8. ¡Ay no! (We can't win) ______ .

#9. ¡(I must play) _____ otra vez!

#10. ¿(Would you like to play) _____ otra vez?



¡Muy bien!

Have another go after studying the video resource and doing the worksheet:

Modal Verbs in Spanish