Soy versus Estoy Spanish Verb Quiz

Soy versus Estoy Spanish Quiz Test

Do the quiz after learning the vocabulary, watching the video and working with the following introduction to Ser and Estar in the 1st person:
Soy versus Estoy Verb Practice


Fantastic score!
Have another go! Work with this practice first: Introduction to Ser and Estar - Soy Estoy

#1. I am American.

#2. I am in Spain.

#3. I am a girl. I am English.

#4. I am in the garden. I am a pig.

#5. I am a mum. I am with my puppies.

#6. I am a bear. I am in the US.

#7. I am on the sofa. I am a dog.

#8. I am a doll. I am on the stairs.

#9. I am Argentine. I am on holiday in Spain.

#10. I am Spanish. I live in Argentina. I am in Argentina.


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