Spanish Quiz – Past, Present, Future Holiday

Online Spanish Quiz about Holidays –
Past, Present, Future

Do this quiz after learning about a Spanish holiday in Northern Spain and watching the video:
Spanish Holiday Practice – Past, Present, Future


Congratulations! Good score!  
Have another go! Do some practice reading and working with the video clip: My Spanish holiday in the mountains

#1. I am going to Spain like last year.

#2. I don't need a swimming costume this year.

#3. Last year I went to the Costa Brava.

#4. I liked it very much but I want to see other places.

#5. This year I am in the north in the mountains.

#6. I am going to go paragliding.

#7. I have a very nice instructor

#8. I am flying! Up here it is so peaceful!

#9. I really liked the beach but this is better!

#10. I am going to remember this for ever!


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