Hacer v Jugar a + Sport Quiz

Hacer v Jugar a –
Verbs + Sport in Spanish Quiz

Do this quiz after learning the vocabulary for different types of sport in Spanish + how to use Jugar a + Ball Sports in Spanish versus Hacer + Sports such as swimming, cycling, skateboarding:
Jugar a + Hacer – Sport in Spanish


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Have another go! Do this practice first: Sport in Spanish - Hacer v Jugar a

#1. Do you like doing sport?

#2. Yes, I love doing sport.

#3. I don't play rugby, but I play football every day.

#4. Where do you play football?

#5. I play football at school. I do sport with my friends.

#6. I do skateboarding every day too.

#7. I do swimming once a week, and I like surfing on holiday.

#8. What else do you do during the holidays?

#9. I do lots of cycling in summer, and I do ice-skating in winter.

#10. Would you like to play tennis? No, I don't like tennis.


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