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Spanish Quiz for Kids – Hamsters

Spanish Quiz for Children about Hamsters

Do this quiz after practice with the Hamster Story + Video here:
Spanish Hamster Story

Think carefully about the difference between SER and ESTAR

#1. What is it? It is a hamster

#2. He is called Bugatti. He runs very fast. ? Accents matter. They tell you where to put the stress in a word if it is different from normal Spanish pronunciation rules

#3. He lives with his brother, Veyron. They are very pretty.

#4. They run a lot.

#5. Bugatti does gymnastics.

#6. Veyron wants to escape!

#7. Today Bugatti is sleeping. He is ill.

#8. He needs to take some medicine

#9. Poor Bugatti, but he is already better

#10. They are playing.



¡Muy bien!

Have another go!

Do some practice first reading the story and watching the video clip:
Hamster Story in Spanish