Spanish Quiz for Kids – Hamsters

Spanish Quiz about a Hamster Story

Do this quiz after practice with the Hamster Story + Video here:
Spanish Hamster Story

Think carefully about the difference between SER and ESTAR


Great job! Well done!
Have another go! Do some practice first reading the story and watching the video clip: Hamster Story in Spanish

#1. What is it? It is a hamster

#2. He is called Bugatti. He runs very fast. ? Accents matter. They tell you where to put the stress in a word if it is different from normal Spanish pronunciation rules

#3. He lives with his brother, Veyron. They are very pretty.

#4. They run a lot.

#5. Bugatti does gymnastics

#6. Veyron wants to escape!

#7. Today Bugatti is sleeping. He is ill.

#8. He needs to take some medicine

#9. Poor Bugatti, but he is already better

#10. They are playing


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