Describe Food in Spanish Quiz

Describe Food in Spanish Quiz

Do this quiz for revision and practice after learning Spanish food adjectives and listening to the video in this resource:
Describe Food in Spanish

#1. In Spain I like to eat 'madalenas' for breakfast. ? Madalenas look like plain cupcakes and are a popular breakfast in Spain.

#2. I don't like bacon. It is too fatty.

#3. Pastries are fatty too, but they are sweet and I love them!

#4. I like squid. It is cheaper than meat.

#5. Medium rare meat is juicy.

#6. I like to eat fresh fruit for tea.

#7. A cake for tea is delicious!

#8. Fast food is very salty.

#9. Paella is a very heavy main course but it is good.

#10. Fresh fruit is very good in Spain.



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Do this practice first:
Describe Food in Spanish