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Spanish Daily Routine Quiz

Daily Routine in Spanish Quiz

Try this quiz for practice and revision telling the time and using lots of reflexive verbs to talk about ordinary daily chores and activities.
Do the quiz after studying the grammar and listening and joining in with the video clip about a boy’s daily routine in Spanish:
Daily Routine in Spanish

#1. I wake up at 6.30

#2. I get up at 7

#3. I get dressed at 7.15 in the morning

#4. I wash at 7.30am

#5. I have breakfast at 7.45. ? Desayunar is NOT a reflexive verb ...

#6. I eat lunch at 12, at noon.

#7. What do you do at quarter to four?

#8. At four o'clock I like to go out to play

#9. I finish my homework at 6.

#10. I go to bed at 9.15.



¡Muy bien!


Have another go, especially after more practice:
Daily Routine in Spanish