Daily Routine in Spanish

Daily Routine in Spanish

Daily Routine + Time in Spanish Vocabulary + Practice via a Video Clip,  online quiz and worksheet.
Follow a boy’s daily activities using a large variety of verbs, including reflexive verbs, in the 1st person present tense.


¿Cuándo te despiertas?
When do you wake up?

¿A qué hora te levantas?
What time do you get up?

¿Cuándo desayunas?
When do you have breakfast?

¿Qué haces a las ocho?
What do you do at eight o’clock?

¿Qué haces a las doce?
What do you do at noon?

¿Cuándo vuelves a casa?
When do you return home?

¿Qué haces a las cuatro?
What do you do at four o’clock?

¿Qué haces por la tarde?
When do you do in the afternoon?

¿Cuándo cenas?
When do you have supper?

¿Cuándo te acuestas?
When do you go to bed?

Time in Spanish:

la una         = 1 o’clock
las dos       = 2 o’clock
las ocho    = 8 o’clock

Es la una          = it is 1 o’clock
Son las dos     = it is 2 o’clock
Son las ocho  = it is 8 o’clock

y media = half past
y cuarto = quarter past
menos cuarto = quarter to (= less a quarter!)

Son las ocho y media.
= It is half past eight.

Son las dos y cuarto.
= It is quarter past two.

Son las tres menos cuarto.
= It is quarter to three.

¿A qué hora te levantas?
What time do you get up?

Me levanto a las siete.
= I get up at 7 o’clock

A las siete y media = At half past 7
A las siete y cuarto = at quarter past 7
A las ocho menos cuarto = at quarter to 8

Me levanto a las siete y cuarto.
= I get up at quarter past seven.

Me levanto a las ocho menos cuarto.
= I get up at quarter to eight.

Daily Routine Verbs:

(The verbs are in the infinitive.  The Video Clip uses the verbs in the 1st person present tense)
Reflexive Verbs:
(reflexive verbs always have a reflexive pronoun)
despertarse  to wake up
vestirse          to get dressed,
lavarse            to get washed,
 levantarse     to get up,
ponerse         to put on
acostarse        to go to bed

Other Verbs:
preparar   to prepare
ayudar       to help
terminar   to finish
estudiar    to study
descansar  to rest
comer        to eat
cenar         to have supper
salir           to go out
volver        to return
ir                 to go
jugar          to play
hacer         to do
leer            to read


Daily Routine in Spanish Worksheet

Daily Routine Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page:
Online Quiz

#1. I wake up at 6.30

#2. I get up at 7

#3. I get dressed at 7.15 in the morning

#4. I wash at 7.30am

#5. I have breakfast at 7.45. ? Desayunar is NOT a reflexive verb ...

#6. I eat lunch at 12, at noon.

#7. What do you do at quarter to four?

#8. At four o'clock I like to go out to play

#9. I finish my homework at 6.

#10. I go to bed at 9.15.



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Daily Routine in Spanish

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