Por and Para

Por and Para – Spanish Prepositions

Para = For, to
Por   = For, in, along, around, through, out of, on behalf of, because of.

Spanish prepositions Por and Para – Grammar + Practice in context via a video clip, online quizGap Fill Exercise:
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El regalo es para mí.
The present is for me.

PARA = TO  (with infinitive verbs):
Voy a la cantina para comer.
I go to the canteen to eat.

+ Use Para with the verb viajar (to travel)
Viajo para España
= I travel to Spain.

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POR = FOR (to say thank you):
Gracias por los globos
=  Thank you for the balloons.

POR = IN (the morning/afternoon/evening):
Tomo un café por la mañana.
I have a coffee in the morning.

POR =  Along, Around, Through, Out of:
Paso por la puerta
=  I go through the door.

Caminan por la calle.
=  They walk along the road.

Anda por la ciudad.
= He walks around the city.

Miro por la ventana.
= I look out of the window.

POR  =  Because of, On behalf of, Thanks to:
–  Compro el helado por mi hermana.
I buy the ice-cream on behalf of (for) my sister.

– ¡Por suerte llego a tiempo!
=  Luckily (thanks to luck) I arrive on time!

POR = FOR (to pay for things):
Pago por el billete de tren
I pay for the train ticket

Por and Para Video

Follow-up Gap fill exercise:
Por and Para Worksheet

Por and Para Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. I travel by plane to go to Valencia.

#2. I am going to Valencia to go to Las Fallas.

#3. There are gunpowder explosions in the mornings.

#4. People go out in the street to watch the explosions.

#5. There are fallas all over Valencia.

#6. I buy churros for breakfast.

#7. The falleras walk through the streets with flowers for the Virgen de los Desamparados.

#8. The falleros walk with flowers for the Virgin too.

#9. They set up lots of fireworks for the last night.

#10. They burn the fallas on 19th March in the evening.



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