Por and Para Practice

Por and Para Practice

Para = For, to
Por   = For, in, along, around, through, out of, on behalf of, because of.

Spanish prepositions Por and Para – Grammar + Practice in context via a video clip, online quizGap Fill Exercise:

El regalo es para mí.
The present is for me.

PARA = TO  (with infinitive verbs):
Voy a la cantina para comer.
I go to the canteen to eat.

+ Use Para with the verb viajar (to travel)
Viajo para España = I travel to Spain.

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POR = FOR (to say thank you):
Gracias por los globos  =  Thank you for the balloons.

POR = IN (the morning/afternoon/evening):
Tomo un café por la mañana.
I have a coffee in the morning.

POR =  Along, Around, Through, Out of:
Paso por la puerta           =  I go through the door.
Caminan por la calle.     =  They walk along the road.
Anda por la ciudad.         = He walks around the city.
Miro por la ventana.       = I look out of the window.

POR  =  Because of, On behalf of, Thanks to:
–  Compro el helado por mi hermana.
I buy the ice-cream on behalf of (for) my sister.
– ¡Por suerte llego a tiempo!
=  Luckily (thanks to luck) I arrive on time!

POR = FOR (to pay for things):
Pago por el billete de tren
I pay for the train ticket

Por and Para Video

Por and Para Online Quiz Test


Excellent Work! Good understanding of the difference between Por and Para! Now find out more about Las Fallas: Las Fallas
Have another go! This grammar, video worksheet will help: Por and Para Practice

#1. I travel by plane to go to Valencia.

#2. I am going to Valencia to go to Las Fallas.

#3. There are gunpowder explosions in the mornings.

#4. People go out in the street to watch the explosions.

#5. There are fallas all over Valencia.

#6. I buy churros for breakfast.

#7. The falleras walk through the streets with flowers for the Virgen de los Desamparados.

#8. The falleros walk with flowers for the Virgin too.

#9. They set up lots of fireworks for the last night.

#10. They burn the fallas on 19th March in the evening.


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