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Spanish Story Quiz – Vamos a la Peluquería

Spanish Story Quiz

Vamos a la peluquería
Do this quiz for practice using the correct verb form + making sure any adjectives agree after working with the short story + video clip and learning the verbs in this A Green Mouse resource:

Spanish Story about Going to the Hairdresser’s

Make sure you know the present tense of ESTAR + IR, and how to conjugate AR verbs in the present tense before doing the quiz:

#1. (Maggie), today you are going to the hairdresser's!

#2. (Maggie and Billy) - They are in the car.

#3. They look out of the window.

#4. They arrive at the hairdresser's.

#5. She is busy.

#6. (Maggie) tries to escape.

#7. They return to the car.

#8. They are very happy.

#9. (Billy), you are clean and beautiful.

#10. Now they go for a walk.




Have another go.

Try to learn the present tense of all the verbs in the story, especially IR ESTAR.
Here is the story:
Vamos a la Peluquería