Spanish Quiz for Kids – My Toy

Online Spanish Quiz for Children:
My Toy – Mi Juguete

Do this quiz after practice reading the story and watching, listening and joining in with the videos in this RESOURCE:
Spanish Story for Kids – MY TOY


Great job! Poor Billy. He really does love his toys. Find out more about him in Spanish: "Me llamo Billy"
Poor Billy. He really does love his toys. Have another go with the video, listen, read and join in: My Toy in Spanish You can watch it in Spanish and English too: My Toy in Spanish and English

#1. Es la mañana.

#2. ¡Socorro!

#3. It is my toy.

#4. I want my toy. ? Don't include 'Yo' - 'I' is not usually needed in Spanish except for emphasis.

Quiero mi juguete.

#5. Es mío.

#6. Maggie está corriendo.

#7. Esconde mi juguete.

She hides my toy.

#8. Mi pobre juguete.

My poor toy.

#9. I don't like this.

Esto no me gusta.

#10. Maggie es muy traviesa.

Maggie is very mischievous.


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