Spanish Story: Mischievous Maggie

My Toy in Spanish Story for Children

Easy Spanish Story for kids with video clips, a worksheet and a free online quiz about possession.  Short story in Spanish about Maggie stealing a toy from Billy:
1.  ¡Mi juguete!  =  My toy!
Mi‘ is a possessive adjective which describes the noun ‘juguete’ by saying who it belongs to:
What kind of toy is it?  It is my toy!

2.  ¡Es mío!  =  It’s mine!
Mío is a possessive pronoun.
Pronouns do not just describe nouns, they take their place!

My Toy in Spanish Story Video Clips

2.  Repeat with only Spanish subtitles:

Spanish Story for Kids Quiz – My Toy

Go on, have a go!!


Great job! Poor Billy. He really does love his toys. Find out more about him in Spanish: "Me llamo Billy"
Poor Billy. He really does love his toys. Have another go with the video, listen, read and join in: My Toy in Spanish You can watch it in Spanish and English too: My Toy in Spanish and English

#1. Es la mañana.

#2. ¡Socorro!

#3. It is my toy.

#4. I want my toy. ? Don't include 'Yo' - 'I' is not usually needed in Spanish except for emphasis.

Quiero mi juguete.

#5. Es mío.

#6. Maggie está corriendo.

#7. Esconde mi juguete.

She hides my toy.

#8. Mi pobre juguete.

My poor toy.

#9. I don't like this.

Esto no me gusta.

#10. Maggie es muy traviesa.

Maggie is very mischievous.


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Free PDF Worksheet for My Toy in Spanish

Video Transcript in Spanish

Este es Billy.

“¡Mucho gusto!
Le presento a mi mamá.  Se llama Maggie.
La quiero mucho.
¡Ella manda!
Mira lo que hace …

Es la mañana.  Queremos salir.
Tiene mi juguete!  ¡Es mío!  Es mi juguete.
Quiero mi juguete.  Tienes mi juguete.

¡Maggie es muy traviesa!
¡Le gusta esconder mi juguete!

Está corriendo.  Mira lo que hace.
Esconde mi juguete.  Entierra mi juguete.
Mi pobre juguete.

¡Esto no me gusta!”

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