French Questions in the Story ‘Dogs at the River’

Questions in French for Children

Simple questions have been added to the video clip of a short story in French about two dogs on a walk by the river.
For worksheets of the story, a video with no English subtitles, and an online quiz go to:
Dogs at the river in French

Que fait-il?
What is he doing?

Qu’est-ce qu’il a?
What has he got?

Où est Maggie?
Where is Maggie?


In English:
1.  What is Billy doing in the river?
2.  What does Billy have in his mouth?
3.  Does Maggie like swimming?
4.  What does Maggie do?
5.  How does Billy arrive?

In French:
1.  Que fait Billy dans la rivière?

2.  Qu’est-ce que Billy a dans sa bouche?

3.  Est-ce que Maggie aime nager?

4.  Que fait Maggie?

5.  Comment arrive Billy?  (Comment = How)

image for Primary French Story