French Story – Dogs at the River

Primary French Story
– Dogs at the River

French Practice for children using verbs in the 3rd person present tense with a Video, Worksheets, and an Online Quiz.
One dog likes swimming, the other does not.
Nager = to swim


il arrive          = he arrives
elle attend   = she waits
il nage             = he swims
il a                     = he has
il est                 = he is
il sort               = he gets out of, he leaves
elle regarde = she watches, she looks

il aime  = he likes
elle n’aime pas = she doesn’t like

il/elle court  = he/she runs
ils courent   = they run

 C’est      = it is
il est        = he is
ils sont   = they are

il y a     =  there is, there are
(il y a des cânots = there are boats)

– – –

mouillé(m)  = wet
(il est mouillé = he is wet)
belle(f) = beautiful
(la rivière est belle = the river is beautiful)


Qu’est-ce qu’il a?
What does he have? What has he got?

Que fait-il?
What does he do? What is he doing?

Où est Maggie?
Where is Maggie?


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Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. Regardez le chien. (It is) ______ Billy.

#2. He is swimming.

#3. (He has) _____ un bâton.

#4. (He is) _____ mouillé.

#5. (Where) _____ est Maggie?

#6. Maggie looks at something.

#7. Billy arrive (slowly) ________ .

#8. (There are) _______ des cânots.

#9. Maggie et Billy (are happy) ________ .

#10. La rivière est (beautiful) ________ .



Très bien!

Have another go after reading the story, watching the video, and doing the worksheets in this resource:

Maggie and Billy at the river in French

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