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Spanish Food Quiz about Meals

Meals in Spanish Quiz Test

Do this quiz after practice learning the names for different meals in Spanish and the verbs for talking about these meals:
Meals + Mealtimes in Spanish

#1. Me gustan las ensaïmadas (for breakfast) ________.

#2. What time do you have breakfast?

#3. I eat a Spanish omelette baguette for lunch

#4. Where do you have lunch? I have lunch at home.

#5. I have tea at 6pm. ? Horchata is a drink made from tiger nuts (chufas in Spanish) which is a favourite afternoon snack, especially in places like Valencia in Spain.

#6. We don't have tea at home.

#7. I have lunch every day.

#8. What time do they have dinner?

#9. We have dinner at 10pm.

#10. I want fruit for breakfast.



¡Muy bien!


Have another go.

Try this practice first:

Meals Mealtimes in Spanish