Spanish Verb Tener Online Quiz

The Verb Tener Online Quiz

Do this quiz after working with this TENER practice + Video:
TENER Present Tense Video + Practice


Congratulations! You have got to grips with TENER!
Have another go! This is the present tense of TENER: (I)Tengo, (you)tienes, (he/she)tiene, (we)tenemos, (you - plural)tenéis, (they)tienen.

#1. I have a dog. It is four.

#2. You are lucky. You have a dog.

#3. You have lots of toys

#4. My dogs have lots of toys.



#5. They are hot.

#6. We are thirsty.

#7. I feel like eating.

#8. I am seven and Billy is four.

#9. Maggie, you are right. I want to play.

#10. I am frightened of the ball.


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