Verbs + Parts of the Body in Spanish Quiz

Verbs + Parts of the Body Revision Quiz

Do this quiz to revise the vocabulary for parts of the body in Spanish with verbs that say what you do with your body.
Attempt the quiz after practice with the following resource:
My Body + Verbs in Spanish


That's a great score! ¡Fantástico!
Have another go! Learn the vocabulary verbs in this practice first: Spanish Verbs Parts of the Body

#1. I eat with my mouth.

#2. I chew with my teeth.

#3. I smell with my nose.

#4. I listen with my ears.

#5. I see with my eyes.

#6. I hug with my arms.

#7. I write with my right hand.

#8. I eat with my fingers.

#9. I skate with my feet.

#10. I use my knees as well.


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