About me in Spanish

About Me in Spanish

Spanish Listening Resource with videos, worksheets + online quiz for practice saying who you are, where you live and who with, what you are like + your likes/dislikes.

¿Cómo te llamas?
  What’s your name?
¿Dónde vives?
  Where do you live?
¿Tienes hermanos?
Do you have brothers and sisters?
¿Cómo eres?
  What are you like?
¿Qué te gusta?
What do you like?

About Me in Spanish Video

Repeat with audio in Spanish AND English:

About Me in Spanish Quiz


That's a good score!
Have another go! Do some practice here first: About Me in Spanish

#1. My name is Billy. I am an English dog.

#2. What is your name? What are you?

#3. Where do you live? I live with my mum. ? In Spanish you don't stress the vowel at the end of words unless there is an accent on them. ¡MamÁ! Try it! It sounds like a good strong way of calling for your mum's attention!

#4. I live in a city in England

#5. Do you have brothers and sisters? I have three sisters. I don't have any brothers.

#6. What are you like? I am affectionate. I try to be well behaved. ? Remember that Billy is a boy. Use the verb SER for character and personality. Billy has a very gentle, lovely personality!

#7. What do you like doing?

#8. I like playing with my friends

#9. I love going for walks

#10. I don't like hair brushes! ? Hair brushes are not pleasing to me! (The subject in the Spanish translation is plural so the verb needs to be too!)


Video Transcript in Spanish

¡Hola!  Me llamo Billy.
Soy un perro inglés,
y soy un muchacho.
Mi padre se llama Riddick,
y mi madre se llama Maggie.
Tengo tres hermanas.
Vivo en una casa con mi mamá …
en una ciudad en Inglaterra.
¡La quiero mucho!
Me gusta jugar con ella …
y con mis juguetes también.
Soy muy cariñoso,
y trato de ser bien educado también.
Tengo muchos amigos.
Esta es una de mis hermanas.
Me encanta ir de paseo.
¡No me gustan los cepillos!
– – – – –

About Me in Spanish Verb Worksheet

About Me in Spanish Vocabulary Worksheet

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Meet Billy’s mother, Maggie, when she was a tiny puppy.
Meet Billy on the day he was born: Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

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