Spanish Story for Children: Maggie and the Squirrel

Maggie and the Squirrel in Spanish

Spanish Story for Children about a dog protecting the bird feeder from invading squirrels that encourages an interest in nature and places high value on listening.
Video Clip and downloadable  Translation Practice Worksheet. highlighted adverbs in the description:

Adverbs describe Verbs.
Look out for these adverbs in the story:
How does a squirrel arrive?
Una ardilla llega silenciosamente
      A squirrel arrives silently.

How hard do the dogs work?
Trabajan muy duro
They work very hard.

Ella va delante
–  She goes in front.

Billy va detrás.
–  Billy goes behind.

Listen to birdsong. Listen to the world around you.   Have you ever heard a cuckoo, or a woodpecker tapping its head against the trunk of a tree?  It is so loud!  (Try a free Birdsong App if you don’t live near many birds)

Audio in Spanish AND English:

Downloadable PDF Translation Practice Worksheet

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Spanish for Kids: Una ardilla llega silenciosamente
Maggie & the squirrel in Spanish