Spanish Story for Children: Maggie + the Squirrel

Spanish Story for Children

Maggie and the Squirrel
KS2 Spanish Story about a squirrel stealing from a bird feeder.  The story emphasises the value of listening, highlights adverbs, and encourages an interest in nature.
Story, subtitled Videos, printable  worksheet + online quiz:

Adverbs describe Verbs

Look out for these adverbs in the story:
How does a squirrel arrive?
Una ardilla llega silenciosamente
A squirrel arrives silently.

How hard do the dogs work?
Trabajan muy duro
They work very hard.

Ella va delante
–  She goes in front.

Billy va detrás.
–  Billy goes behind.

Listen to birdsong. Listen to the world around you.   Have you ever heard a cuckoo, or a woodpecker tapping its head against the trunk of a tree?  It is so loud!
(Try a Birdsong App to learn to recognise bird song)


Audio in Spanish AND English:

Downloadable PDF Translation Practice Worksheet

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. It is the garden.

#2. There is a bird feeder.

#3. Maggie watches over the garden.

#4. Squirrels are not allowed.

#5. A squirrel listens.

#6. Where is Maggie?

#7. The squirrel arrives quietly.

#8. Maggie runs at full speed.

#9. Billy runs behind Maggie.

#10. The dogs work very hard.



¡Muy bien!


Have another go after reading the story and practice with the video worksheet:

Spanish Story – Maggie and the Squirrel

Spanish for Kids: Una ardilla llega silenciosamente
Maggie & the squirrel in Spanish