Spanish Verbs: Hay + Hay que

Learn Spanish Verbs: Hay, Hay que

Video Clip + Practice in a Story followed by a downloadable Gap Fill Exercise:

Hay            there is/there are
Hay que    = one, we, you … must/needs to/should
Hay que goes with a second verb in the infinitive.
Hay que tener cuidado
–  one must be careful
Hay que escuchar
–  one must listen
Hay que prestar atención para aprender
–  one must pay attention to learn

Verbs in the story/video:

tener cuidado        –  to be careful
prestar atención   – to pay attention
investigar             – to investigate
supervisar            – to supervise
escuchar                – to listen
soltar                    – to let go
recoger                 – to pick, to pick up

Downloadable Gap Fill Worksheet

Video Transcript/Gap Fill Exercise + Translation Practice:

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