The verb Tener – Tengo

The Verb Tener – Tengo

Uses of the Verb Tener in the 1st person.
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Tengo = I have
Tener = to have
Tener is an irregular Spanish verb.

Tienes = you have
¿Qué tienes? = What do you have ..?
Tengo un amigo  =  I have a friend

Tener is also used to mean ‘to be’ with Age + Feelings/Moods/temporary states.

Tener + Age

Tengo = I am + age
(= I have + number of years)
Tengo once años
= I am eleven (I have eleven years)

¿Cuántos años tienes?
How old are you?
Tengo diez años = I am ten
(I have 10 years)

Tener + Feelings

E.g. Feelings of as hunger, thirst, cold, fear.
Tengo = I am + Feelings
Use Tengo to say I am cold, hot, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, ashamed …
Tengo hambre  = I am hungry
(I have hunger)
Tengo miedo     = I am frightened
(I have fear)


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Present Tense of TENER:
tengo          – I have
tienes         – you have
tiene           – he, she has
tenemos   – we have
tenéis         – you have
tienen        – they have