What’s in your pencil case in Spanish

Pencil case items in Spanish:

Learn the vocabulary for pencil case items in Spanish.
Read, listen and say the words by joining in with the video clip.
Learn the gender (masculine or feminine) of each word too.
Learn how the gender of the words + whether they are singular or plural affects how they are described by the:
Indefinite article:
un, una          = a
unos, unas  = some
And the:
Definite article:  el, la, los, las  = the
Watch the video and join in for practice listening and saying the words.
Then go on to use the vocabulary in short sentences with the verb Tener:  Tengo  (I have)

Vocabulary for Pencil Case Items + Video Transcript:
Necesito un estuche.
I need a pencil case
Adentro me hace falta …
Inside I need …

una pluma
                       a pen
la pluma                            the pen

un lápiz                              a pencil
el lápiz                               the pencil

una goma                         a rubber
la goma                             the rubber

unas tijeras                    some scissors
las tijeras                        the scissors

una regla                         a ruler
la regla                              the ruler

unos cartuchos            some cartridges
los cartuchos                the cartridges

un bolígrafo                   a biro
el bolígrafo                    the biro

unos lápices de colores
–  some coloured pencils
los lápices de colores
–  the coloured pencils

un sacapuntas           a pencil sharpener
el sacapuntas             the pencil sharpener

¿Qué hago con esto?
What do I do with this?
¡Pongo la basura en la papelera!
I put the rubbish in the bin!

Do you care what kind of pencil case you have?  Is there a latest trend?  Why?  Does it matter?  Consider these questions to get more involved in the subject matter ..!

Now go on to use the vocabulary in short sentences with the verb Tener here:  Tengo (I have)

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