Estar + Spanish Preposition Practice

Estar + Spanish Prepositions

KS3 Spanish vocabulary + practice in short sentences using the verb Estar + Prepositions that say where things/people are.
Video +  Online Quiz.

List of Prepositions

Cerca = near
Encima = on top
Entre = between
Con = with
Al lado = next to
En frente = in front
Debajo = under
Detrás = behind
Dentro = inside

¿Dónde está la fallera?
– Where is the fallera?
La fallera está cerca del agua.
= The fallera is near the water.

(Look up what a fallera is – Las Fallas)

Estar + Prepositions Video

Online Quiz

#1. The piece of furniture is between the guitar and the dog.

#2. The sugar is on top of the ensaīmada.

#3. The chick is with its mother.

#4. The dog is next to the wastepaper basket.

#5. The man is in front of the pumpkins.

#6. The cockerel is behind the pumpkin.

#7. The confetti is inside the eggs.

#8. The children are under the tree.

#9. The fallera is near the water.

#10. Valencians live near the sea.



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Watch the video and study the prepositions here:
Spanish Preposition Practice