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KS2 French Story – My Dog

KS2 French Story – A New Puppy

A puppy = un chiot (m)
A new puppy = un nouveau chiot

Meet Maggie, a seven week old puppy, and follow her as she settles in with her new family.
Story, video clips, online quiz + worksheets for practice using French verbs in the 3rd person present tense, including aimer, être and avoir.


to like
Elle aime
   she likes

Elle n’aime pas
She does not like


to be
Elle est
   She is

Elle est belle
She is beautiful

Elle est dans le linge!
She is in the washing!


to have
Elle a     She has

Elle a peur
She has fear  = She is frightened.
Elle a peur du jardin
She is frightened of the garden.


Subtitles in French AND English:

Audio + Subtitles in French and English:

Subtitles in French:

My Dog in French Translation Worksheet

My Dog in French Story + Questions

Online Quiz

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