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KS2 French Story – My Dog

KS2 French Story – My Dog

Meet Maggie, a seven week old puppy, and follow her as she settles in with her new family.
Story, video clips + worksheets for practice using French verbs in the 3rd person present tense, including aimer, être and avoir.
Aimer:  to love
Elle aime
   she likes
Elle n’aime pas
she does not like

Être: to be
Elle est
   She is
Elle est belle
She is beautiful
Elle est dans le linge!
She is in the washing!

Avoir: to have
Elle a
     She has
Elle a peur
She has fear  = She is frightened
Elle a peur du jardin
She is frightened of the garden

My Dog in French:

French Subtitles only:

French + English subtitles:

Audio + Subtitles in French and English:

Downloadable Worksheets:
My Dog in French Translation Worksheet

My Dog in French Story + Questions

image for Puppy Story in French

For practice learning to use AVOIR go to:
J’ai – Avoir Practice