Colours in FRENCH + Agreements

Colours in French +  Agreements

Free French Grammar + Downloadable Exercise + Listening practice for Children:
Colours are adjectives.  In French they go after the word they describe.
The white dog  becomes  the dog white:
Le chien blanc.

Most simple colours in French, except for Orange and Marron, change their endings to agree with the word (noun) they describe.
The green pencil

=  Le crayon vert

The green car

=  La voiture verte

Masculine Plural:
The green pencils
= Les crayons verts

Feminine Plural:
The green cars

= Les voitures vertes 

Invariable Colours:
and Marron never change their endings.
They are called invariable colours.
  Colour Combinations  and colours which have clair (light) or foncé (dark) added to them are also invariable and never change:
la voiture vert foncé  =  the dark green car

Study this table for more information on gender and singular and plural endings.
Then watch, listen and join in with the video clips below:

Image for colours in French

Clear sentences to illustrate when and how colours agree with the nouns they describe in French:

Downloadable Worksheet:  Colours in French Worksheet

Colours in French + Gender Worksheet

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Grammar Exercise:
Translate the colours into French, making sure that they ‘agree’ where necessary – Answers can be checked via the Video Clip:

1.  La fleur(f) est blue.

2.  La fleur(f) est light blue.                 

3.  Le camion light blue a des bûches(fpl) brown.

4.  Les fleurs(fpl) pink sont jolies  

5.  Les fleurs(fpl) sont dark green.

– – –

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More practice re position of colours AFTER the noun in French:

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