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Colours in French + Agreements

Colours in French + Agreements

Colours are adjectives.  In French they go after the word they describe. Eg:
‘The white dog’  becomes  ‘the dog white’:
Le chien blanc.

Most simple colours in French change their endings to agree with the word (noun) they describe.
Le crayon vert      = the green pencil
Les crayons verts = the green pencils
La voiture verte  = the green car
Les voitures vertes = the green cars

Invariable Colours

Some colours DO NOT change their endings in French.
They are called ‘invariable’.
Orange + Marron (brown)  + ALL Colour Combinations are invariable.
La voiture bleu marine
= the navy blue car
Les camions bleu marine
= the navy blue trucks
La voiture vert foncé
= the dark green car
Le camion vert foncé
= the dark green truck
Le camion orange
= the orange truck

de couleur‘ is often added to invariable colours.
Les voitures(f) de couleur marron
= the brown cars

Study this table for more information on gender and singular and plural endings.

Image for colours in French

Follow and join in with the the video. Then do the Online Quiz + Worksheet.


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