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Colours in Spanish + Agreements

Colours in Spanish + Agreements

Colours are adjectives.

They describe nouns.
They go after the noun in Spanish and normally need to agree with it.
El perro(m) blanco   = the white dog
Las casas(f) blancas  = the white houses

Blue, Brown, Green and Grey  only change from Singular to Plural:
Azul         – Azules
Marrón  –  Marrones
Verde     – Verdes
Gris         –  Grises
El perro marrón       =  the brown dog
La casa marrón         = the brown house
Las casas marrones  = the brown houses

Invariable Colours

These are colours that never change their endings.

Colour combinations are invariable.
La flor(f) es  azul claro.
= The flower is light blue.

‘De color’ is a useful phrase to use with invariable colours.
Las flores son de color azul claro.

= The flowers are light blue.

Naranja (Orange)  and Rosa (pink) are also invariable.
El cerdo rosa
= the pink pig
El lápiz naranja
= the orange pencil.

Study the colours and their endings on this table.

image for Colours in Spanish

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