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Animals in Spanish

Animals in Spanish

Learn Spanish names + gender for Pets, Farm Animals and more animals such as squirrels, seagulls, lizards, snakes, butterflies and spiders.
Vocabulary + Questions about Animals via a Youtube Video + Worksheet and an Online Quiz:
Vocabulary + Practice in short sentences using  I have,  I like,  it is  + there are  in Spanish to answer simple questions.

Pets in Spanish

un perro (m)        a dog
un gato  (m)         a cat
un pez  (m)          a fish
un conejo (m)     a rabbit
un conejillo de Indias (m)  a guinea pig
un ratón  (m)       a mouse
un hámster
  a hamster

Farm Animals in Spanish

un pato (m)         a duck
un pavo (m)        a turkey
una vaca (f)         a cow
un caballo (m)    a horse
una oveja (f)       a sheep
una cabra (f)       a goat
un cerdo (m)       a pig
un burro (m)       a donkey
un gallo (m)        a cockerel

More Animals

un cameleón (m)    a chameleon
una serpiente (f)    a snake
una garza (f)           a heron
una gaviota (f)        a seagull
una lagartija (f)      a lizard
una ardilla (f)         a squirrel
un búho (m)            an owl
un cangrejo (m)     a crab

Look closely at the world around you.
Which animals, birds, insects do you see on a regular basis?  Do you pass any on your way to school?  Are there always the same birds in the sky?
Are you somebody who would notice the heron in the video as you walked by?
Here are the names in Spanish of some common wild animals that you might have come across:
Una paloma (f)     a pigeon
Un zorro (m)         a fox
Un gorrión (m)     a sparrow
Una rata (f)            a rat
Una ardilla (f)       a squirrel
Un escarabajo (m)  a beetle

Questions + Answers

What is it?                      ¿Qué es?
What have you got? ¿Qué tienes?
What is there ..?          ¿Qué hay?
Do you like?                    ¿Te gusta ..?   (+ singular names)
Do you like?                   ¿Te gustan ..? (+ plural names)

Es                  = it is
Tengo.        = I have
Hay              = There is + There are
Me gusta   = I like
Me gustan = I like + plural words
Me gusta el gato = I like the cat
Me gustan los gatos = I like cats


Subtitles in Spanish AND English

2.  Repeat with NO English subtitles:


Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Animals in Spanish Quiz

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