¡Pipas! Traditional Spanish Snack

Published 18th September 2012

August/September, the season for sunflowers!
Think of French countryside with its fields and fields of sunflowers all turning their heads to the sun as it moves across the sky:

Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients.
They are a traditional and very popular playground snack for children in Spain in South America:
¡Pipas! –  Pipas are sunflower seeds.
Small bags of salted sunflower seeds (Pipas) are a traditional sight in school playgrounds, where they are allowed:
A very messy business because each ‘pipa’ has to be cracked open to get the sunflower heart inside, usually done using the front teeth, and then there’s the problem of what to do with the discarded shells ….
Piles of slightly damp ‘pipa’ shells ..?!


A little too salty and messy, but otherwise a great idea …
And today ‘pipas’ are also sold without their shells!

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