Winter in French – L’Hiver

Winter in French – L’hiver

Winter Weather in French verbs, vocabulary + practice for children – Videos, worksheet + online quiz.
Subtitled Video clips illustrate and describe winter scenes and activities in French in the Present Tense.

French Weather Vocabulary

C’est l’hiver!  It’s winter!
Il fait froid!  It’s cold!
Il gèle  It’s freezing!

J’ai froid = I am cold.

Tu aimes la neige? = Do you like snow?
Oui, J’aime la neige. = Yes, I like snow
Non, Je n’aime pas la neige. = No, I don’t like snow.

Il y a beaucoup de neige = There is lots of snow.

un bonhomme de neige  =  a snowman
un manteau  =  a coat


s’attacher = to stick to
s’amuser   = to have fun
rentrer    = to go home
faire      = to do

il veut      = he wants
Il veut faire du ski   = He wants to ski.

il faut  = one/you/we must/should
Il faut rentrer à la maison.
= One/you/we must go home.

Examples of Avoir

Tu as un problème = You have a problem.
Ce petit chien a un manteau.
= This little dog has a coat.

Les oiseaux ont faim. = The birds are hungry.

Il y a beaucoup de neige!  There is a lot of snow!

Examples of Être

C’est = it is
Billy est fier = Billy is proud. (What of?)
Ils sont très contents.   = They are very happy.

Winter in French Videos

French + English subtitles

Only French subtitles:

Audio in French AND English

Translation Practice Worksheet


Translate the answers into English:

1.  Quel temps fait-il?
What is the weather like?
Il fait froid.  Il gèle.

2.  Est-ce qu’il y a de la  neige?
Is there any snow?
Il y a beaucoup de neige.

3.  Billy est fier de quoi?
What is Billy proud of?
Billy est fier de son bonhomme de neige.

4.  Où s’amusent les chiens?
Where do the dogs have fun?
Les chiens s’amusent dans les bois.

5.  Maggie aime la neige?
Does Maggie like snow?
Maggie adore la neige.

6.  Qu’est-ce que le petit garçon veut faire?
What does the little boy want to do?
Il veut faire du ski.

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Winter in French Quiz

#1. It's winter.

#2. It's cold.

#3. (There is) _____ beaucoup de neige.

#4. I am cold.

#5. Le chien (has) ___ un manteau.

#6. Elle adore (the snow) ______ .

#7. Les oiseaux (are hungry) _______ .

#8. I like winter.

#9. It's freezing.

#10. (You must) _____ rentrer à la maison.



Très bien!

Have another go after practice with the story video in this resource:

Winter in French for Kids

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