Easter Egg Activity

Easter Activity – Egg Blowing

A wonderful Easter activity is to blow eggs and paint them.
Try to get hold of white eggs if possible.
Drill small holes carefully through both ends of the raw egg, either with a fine drill or by gently pushing and twisting a pin or a thin skewer slowly through the shell:

Image for blowing eggs

Blowing Eggs 3

Blow the raw egg out (the smaller the hole, the harder it will be to blow the egg out!) and then dye  with food colouring.
–  Drip blobs of hot candle wax onto the egg before dyeing or before adding another colour.  Then pick them off after the egg is dry.
–  Draw on the egg with a wax crayon before or after dyeing.
–  Painting over the dye is fun too, like this little pig (petit cochon) chosen because of all the chocolate eaten over Easter!

image of painted Easter egg

Pâte à sel is another fantastic activity for the Easter holidays.  Why not make a figure like the angry bird in this picture but make the eyebrows friendly and paint it yellow to make an Easter chick instead?!

The instructions, including a video clip, are available here:  the recipe

Angry bird in Easter eggs!